What destination do you find yourself returning to again and again? What about it is so alluring?

Notre Dame Basilica is among the few centres of Catholicism in Vietnam. Being a Buddhist nation, this church serves as an important centre for all those Catholics in Ho Chi Minh City. The colonists in the late 1880s set up it. Besides its design, the church is renowned. Amidst the ambience of Saigon Notre Dame Basilica, one can spend hours thinking about and praying to the almighty.

Niagara Freefall and Interactive Center

Even if you don’t know much about Lesotho before you arrive there, you will leave the country at the end of your trip a richer and more complete human being, as the entire country is the best kind of learning experience. Between the fantastic natural wonders, the insightful looks into the culture, and the warm and friendly people you’ll meet at every turn, this place is truly magical. And even if you still have trouble finding it on a map, there’s no way you’ll ever forget the beautiful experiences you’ll have there. Spend 72 hours in Lesotho. You won’t regret a moment of it.

Get Incredible Views

In a morning’s time one could explore the entirety of Betanzos on foot. Its rich history and antique charm make this a great getaway from bustling A Coruña.


Have Breakfast at a Market

Without experiencing its dining landscape nobody needs to leave Sarajevo.  ? Evap?i?i and pies are great, but it is a good idea to change gears to get a elegant meal. We wanted to sample Bosnian mix meals and Herzegovina wines in a contemporary, relaxing setting, and we all ended up in the very best restaurant in the Sarajevo, 4 Sobe Gospode Safije (“The 4 Rooms of Mrs. Sofia”).

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Where to Eat in Mérida

David’s Been Here is in Athens, Greece, presenting the top sites and most iconic structures of the city. On a hill overlooking modern day Athens is the Acropolis, an ancient citadel, which was both the center of ancient Athens and the most sacred part of the city. Tour through the three main sites of the Acropolis with David as he gives a brief history on each one. Visit the 406 BC Erechtheion & the Propylaea- the original gateway to the city, but most importantly, don’t miss the Parthenon! Dating back to 432 BC, this ancient temple is the most important monument in the country as well as the world’s most iconic symbol of classic Greece.  With the newly opened Acropolis Museum on site as well, you’ll have your day cut out for you as you tour this world famous site.

Normandy & D-Day Beaches

I am not certain yet, however I need to see Portugal, Spain, and Vietnam until the year’s end.