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Edirne, formerly “Adrianople,” sits near the borders of Greece and Bulgaria. This was the second capital city of the Ottoman Empire from 1365 to 1453. Edirne is small in size but steeped in fascinating history. The city is best known for its many beautiful mosques, including the Selmiye Mosque, the masterpiece by architect Mimar Sinan. It has the highest minarets in Turkey and at its highest point, stands taller than the Ayia Sofia in Istanbul. Other sights in Edirne include the Alipasha bazaar, Maxidon Roman tower, the Üç ?erefeli Mosque, and the best fried lamb liver in the world – it’s the city’s iconic dish! Try it at the the family-owned Cigercisi Kemal restaurant. WATCH Eating Fried Liver in Edirne at Cigercisi Kemal Usta


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Their chicken biryani is also incredibly tender and perfectly cooked and had a delightful roasted flavor that I couldn’t get enough of. Paradise Restaurant also serves a stunning egg biryani containing a poached egg, which went really well with the rice and Indian spices.


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Located within the mighty Brahmaputra River in Assam, Only under 18 miles from Town of Jorhat, India, is M?juli Island.In 136 square miles in size, you will need a Majuli Island travel guide to crack down what to do and where to go on this isle. This island in northeast India is the first in the country. Depending on who you ask, it is also the biggest or semi annual river island in the world. But, the allure of Majuli comes from its status as a cradle of Assamese culture.

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The vibe is a great place to have a sense for small-town Thai life also here is quite different. While still encouraging the tribe that makes them don’t miss out on one of the neatest stores of those Old Town, Hammock House, where you are able to purchase colorful, quality hammocks. It is one of the things see to perform in Koh Lanta Old Town!

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During our first day we took a half day tour with EcoCameron. Our day starts a tea plantation, from there we head to the mosey forest, and lastly a tea factory. We visited the highest mountain in the Cameron Highlands, which also has the highest road in the Malaysia.



Traces of rural lifestyle were left behind and now include an astonishing park worthy of a visit from any self-proclaimed history enthusiast. Matters left behind include 70 buildings (storage facilities, workshops homes, temples and a public bathroom complicated.) Yuca plants, fruit trees and plant gardens have also been uncovered. They were almost frozen in time. The ruins at Joya de Cerén provide insight into the life of this rural Maya.