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The Bobovac castle is one of the best preserved fortifications in Medieval Bosnia, a castle built on a terraced rock at the vicinity of Vareš town.


Volcanoes National Park

My apartment had two bedrooms and was very spacious. There was a little living area with a TV and two couches. In the centre is a dining room table, and there is also a slick, contemporary kitchen with a fridge and a freezer. There is cabinets, and a stovetop where eggs can be made by you.


The Best Campsites in Cornwall

The ruins Heraclea Lyncestis are located 2 kilometers from the city center of Bitola and comprise an archaeological park that holds several buildings dating back to the Roman rule of the city (Roman baths, theatre, basilicas, etc). But perhaps the most notable attractions of the site are the beautiful floor mosaics depicting religious imagery from the Byzantine era.


Anticipate The Price Tag:

Be aware that entry into Tongli isn’t free. There is an entry fee of 100 Yuan, roughly $14.59 U.S. You’ll be given a ticket in exchange. Do not miss your ticket! You will want it later.