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Restaurant Domus (A Coruña)

We head north on Streymoy to Saksun. This is a beautiful town with turf roof houses. The best time come is during low tide because you can see the beach and walk on a sand bar to the lagoon. There are no restaurants here so be sure to bring a snack for a picnic!

Snowdonia National Park

#5 Quad tour 

Why Visit East Serbia?

I hope you found this Manas National Park travel guide helpful! This place is one of the stunning natural wonders of northeast India. The beautiful setting in the foothills of the Himalayas, the gorgeous flora, and magnificent animals make it a truly magical destination for any nature or animal lover. Even if you don’t get to see the animals you want, coming to the park is still a beautiful, once-in-a-lifetime experience you need to have. Book a trip to Guwahati to begin your Manas National Park adventure today!

Take a Tour of Chinatown

We then headed to one of the most important temples in Varanasi, Durga Mandir Temple. Lord Durga is famous for being the god that destroys evil!

Calabash Cove Resort & Spa

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Name your top three destinations (one historic, one gastronomic, and one picturesque)

The Museum of Islamic Art is available Sunday, Monday and Wednesday 10:30 am to 5:30 pm, Thursday 12 pm to 8 pm, Friday 2 pm to 8 pm, and Saturday 12 pm to 2 pm (Closed Tuesdays). Dress code requires that guests dress modestly.

Is there a place you find yourself returning to again and again? What about it is so alluring?

Only since 1887 has Victoria had its new name. It was previously known as Rabat. The city was renamed in honor of Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee, but locals still refer to it as Rabat. The legacy of Victoria, however, stretches back long before the Knights of St. John ruled over the Maltese islands. It was a Phoenician settlement around the year 1800 BC, predating the establishment of the Roman Empire by over a millennium. Eventually the city was constructed and fortified under the rule of the Knights of St. John, and still retains much of the original 16th century architecture.

Little Wild Goose Pagoda

A little bit of everything for everyone – for bargain shopping, an open-air bazaar and some trading in the street head to the Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra, the place where shopping street rules;

Little Wild Goose Pagoda

Explore the Castle District

The museum itself is renowned for its international collection of Romanesque art, but also includes baroque, gothic and Renaissance pieces as well as artwork from the 19th and 20th centuries. Artists in display include El Greco, Peter Paul Rubens and the renowned Francisco de Goya. Two of the more fascinating pieces on display are the baldakin, or canopy, from the 12th century and several of the 12th and 13th century frescoes, which were removed from Pyrenees churches and relocated to the museum. There are also several examples of Barcelona’s modernista movement, such as striking chandeliers and furniture.

Explore the Castle District

What can we expect from your upcoming show, The Kind Way Around?

Don’t forget to bring a dark suit though, as David explains the waters can stain your swimwear.

What can we expect from your upcoming show, The Kind Way Around?

Why Serbia and Bosnia?

Sorteny National Park is located in the northeast part of the Ordino parish in the Sorteny Valley. It is Andorra’s most significant point of ecological interest and eco-tourism, with all of the activities in the park are oriented around sustainable tourism practices. Located in a metaphoric zone, the area is rich in iron and copper. The hydroelectric system that winds through the valley revolves around the Sorteny River with connections to the rivers La Serrera, La Cebollera, Les Cebes, and L’Estanyo.

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Thalang Road the most famous street in Phuket town. They recently applied for UNESCO World Heritage recognition. The street is made up of seno Portugues mansions and shop houses which have been rebuilt, re-painted and remodeled. On the ground level their cafes, restaurants and boutiques.

Volcanoes National Park

The ruins Heraclea Lyncestis are located 2 kilometers from the city center of Bitola and comprise an archaeological park that holds several buildings dating back to the Roman rule of the city (Roman baths, theatre, basilicas, etc). But perhaps the most notable attractions of the site are the beautiful floor mosaics depicting religious imagery from the Byzantine era.

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While in Barcelona, you’d be remiss if you didn’t take the 60-mile trip to Tarragona along the Golden Coast. This day trip is easily one of the top things to see and do in Barcelona. The city is home to the oldest Roman ruins on the Iberian peninsula, including the UNESCO World Heritage site of Tarraco.

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