Gothic Prague: Old Town Square Church of Our Lady Before Týn

Eat Street Food Everywhere

David begins in the Old Town, which is home to several beautiful buildings like the historic Robevci House. He then makes his way up the hill to see some of Ohrid’s historical monuments. First up is St. Jovan de Kaneo, a Byzantine-style church perched above the shore of Lake Ohrid. This is one of the most photographed places in Macedonia.

9. Mbuluzi Game Reserve

Tip: Tipping 5 – 10% of the total bill is customary at bars and restaurants.

9. Mbuluzi Game Reserve

Lazaruvane: St. Lazar’s Day in Etara, Gabrovo region

We started getting a little hungry so we wanted to head back. On the way back to town, we stopped by B-Bar, a local bar/restaurant serving amazing burgers. We tried a few different things here, but we definitely recommend ordering the burgers. And a craft beer of course!

Enjoy Nature’s Bounty

Nowadays Astorga is a popular tourist destination and an important stop for pilgrims en route to Santiago de Compostela (Camino de Santiago.) The small, but charming town is home to one of Catalan modernist Antoni Gaudí’s architectural masterpieces. The Palacio Episcopal de Astorga (Episcopal Palace of Astorga) is a medieval style structure that Gaudí constructed for his longtime friend bishop Joan Baptista Grau. Gaudí asked Grau to send him pictures of the land, and from those pictures the plans for the church were created. Since Gaudí was busy with construction of the Sagrada Familia at the time, he sent Catalonian workers to do the job without him. The Palacio Episcopal de Astorga, also known as Museo de los Caminos, was finally completed in 1915, and is one of very few works by Gaudí that exists outside of Barcelona. Visitors can tour the interior and exterior of the palace for a small fee of 3 Euros. It is closed on Sundays, Mondays, and on holidays.

Eat Lamb Hot Pot in the Beijing Lamp Restaurant

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Eat Lamb Hot Pot in the Beijing Lamp Restaurant

Granada’s Alhambra

Heading deep into Canyon Matkam, home of Vrelo Cave – the deepest underwater cave in Europe!

Visit Vienna Coffee Houses

Often, you might need a few changes when you move into a new apartment, and the only person who can facilitate the changes is a property manager. You want to ensure that you at least have a contact person in the rental agency who you can reach out at any time. This will ensure that your issues are dealt with promptly making your stay worthwhile.

Visit Vienna Coffee Houses

Prague – Czech Republic

This town of Guimarães is one of the most popular tourist destinations within the area, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Guimarães has been credited as the cradle of Portuguese nationality along with the center of Portuguese identity. Guimarães can be easily accessed by bus, car, or train out of Braga.  Guimarães is the birthplace of all Afonso Henriques I of Portugal, the first king of the country. This is why the town has ever been linked to Portugal’s birth as a country.

Giverny & Monet Gardens

When I seen, I marveled in the tea house and women’s reception room, which comprise several. I was blown off by the gigantic gates, which were standing for more than a million decades. They easily make my list of the things to visit and eat in Suzhou!