Lut Desert in Iran – Earth’s hottest destination

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From up high, one of the best methods to observe any city is and that I had the chance to scale the clock tower which stands at the end of this bridge.  Originally, the Stone Bridge had three towers — north, south and middle west. Middle towers and the original south were constructed around 1300 and St Margaret’s chapel had been together with the one.

Visit Bangkok Noi Artisan Village

There’s an corpse figure which looks like the remnants of an individual child off to one side of this chapel. A foreboding sign reads,”Nós ossos que aqui estamos, pelos vossos esperamos,” meaning”We bones which are here, anticipate yours.” There’s an estimated 5,000 skeletons from the chapel. Other bones and skulls have been cemented onto columns and the chapel walls, which make this unsuitable for the faint of the heart. One thing is certain, although not everyone is able to stomach the scene; Capela dos Ossos is a sight. The chapel is available everyday until 5:45 pm. Admission is $2.

Stop by the City of Szentendre

If you’re following some models on Instagram, you are probably aware that Mykonos is the dreamiest travel destination at the moment. You can see the beautiful white houses and the trendy beaches which are so Instagramable, and you can see celebrities enjoy the yummiest Greek cuisine. You’re dreaming of finding a nice beach hotel in Mykonos and spending the best time of your life.

Stop by the City of Szentendre

What to See and Do in Nis

If you really want to experience the city like a local, then get out of the city.  There are so many incredible destinations just an hour or so away that you need to check out.  Places like the scenic Blue Mountains and epic Port Stephens are fantastic getaways for a Sunday when public transportation is capped at just $2.70.